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Motorcycle Trail Riding

One great style of motorcycle riding is to get out of the city and out into nature – take you bike out into the woods.  This is a special experience that will activate senses that you may have forgotten about.  The sights and smells that exist once you escape the concrete jungle of the city are hard to beat.

  • The sweet, crisp smell of the fresh air…
  • The winding dirt track that seems to have no end.  What’s around that next corner?
  • Fresh Pine trees, meadows full of wildflowers, all lend to an increasing sense of calm that is nearly impossible to find in the rat race of normal day to day life.

Take it from Dave Richmond, owner of Fort Wayne Tree Pros in Fort Wayne, IN who just returned from a week in the Colorado Mountains:

“I was part of a group of 4 riders that recently spent a week in the Colorado Mountains.  It was a trip of a lifetime.  We trailered our Adventure bikes out to Buena Vista from northern Indiana where we spent the week exploring.  2 of us were on BMW 1200GS bikes and there was a KTM 890 and a Kawasaki KLR650.  The BMWs and the KTM were a bit big for the tightest and skinniest of trails but we managed to make it work.  From Buena Vista we hit explored the Alpine Loop in Southwestern Colorado as well as the Grand Mesa in the West Central part of the state and then finished up at Taylor Park in Buena Vista.

As flatlanders from Indiana, the scenery was breathtaking.  Mountain Peaks that touched over 13,000 feet.  Abandoned mines form the 1800’s that are still partially standing.  High Mountain Meadows full of all kinds of wildflowers.  Dirt roads and dual and single track that run through tight hallways of Aspen Trees, Pine Trees and lots of other native species.  High elevation that honestly took some getting used to.  All of it left us with a sense of awe that one can’t replicate anywhere else in the lower 48.  We all were thoroughly exhausted when we returned home and can’t wait to go back…”

Is that the sort of thing that gets your heart rate up and makes you want to get out there?  If you are the adventurous type and love to explore places that you have never been give your local OHV area a try.  You might just find that you fall in love with getting your bike out of the city and see what is around that next corner…